May 2017

How to paint a bird in WATERCOLOR

Video tutorial based on footage from my 1-to-1 lesson with my student.

Everything you need to start OIL PAINTING (tools & materials)

If you have any questions be free to ask them in youtube comments or in contact form. I’ll gladly answer all of them!


Traditional and 2D illustration courses for enthusiasts and students interested in more professional approach.

Still Life / Portrait / Landscape

Genre based courses. If you really want to learn how to draw portraits, paint still lifes or landscapes in one specific technique or in different styles these courses…

Watercolor / Oil / Tempera / Acrylic

Painting courses in different techniques. Choose your favorite one and get started!


Course with focus on realistic drawing  techniques in different materials (graphite pencil, charcoal, pastel, sauce, sangina, etc.).

2D Art

Course for computer graphics and painting lovers (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator). 

Fundamentals of Visual Art

Course for beginners to learn the basics of visual art and intermediate students to improve their skills and understanding in wide range of disciplines and genres.