Course for beginners to learn the basics of visual art and intermediate students to improve their skills and understanding in wide range of disciplines and genres.

This course includes fundamentals of realistic drawing, composition and painting (watercolor, tempera). Also the student will learn different genres of visual art: still life, landscape, portrait, genre painting and drawing, etc. It’s a good start to understand what preferences in art do you have.

After the 1st module(11 lessons) a student will have: 

• understanding of the main terms and styles of the visual art;
• ability to realistically draw simple geometric shapes with simulated chiaroscuro;
• ability to compose the image in the page correctly;
• understanding of expressive composition tools for developing your own images;
• basic skills in working with watercolors, knowledge of materials and tools;
• understanding of the color theory in the visual art.

All programs will be personalized for individual student’s needs and preferences. Base course divided into 3 modules but student can change courses wherever he likes. 

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Level: beginners, intermediate

Genres: still life, landscape, portrait, figure drawing, illustration, etc.

Materials: graphite pencil, watercolor, tempera, brushes, etc.

Price: 35$/hour

Age: 12+