For online art lessons you just need:

  • skype;
  • PC, laptop or big tablet (at least 12″);
  • webcam (can be on a laptop);
  • materials for your technique (pencil, paper, paint, etc. for traditional art and graphic tablet and PC for 2d art);
  • to be passionate about art 🙂

My equipment for online art lessons makes the learning process easy and comfortable:

  • 1080p web camera to show drawing, painting process;
  • 2 monitors to have more control and broadcast one of them to my students,
  • drawing on digital tablet in Photoshop for them to explain the topic.

My workspace / reference / webcamera of my student (can see only I on my second monitor)

My lessons:


  •  Student sends me his/her homework (a photo or a digital copy of 2d art), I open it with my graphic application (Photoshop) and start to analyze it with a student (broadcasting my screen to a student on Skype). Most often I draw in Photoshop over the image to show student’s mistakes and to recommend some improvements;
  • I give a student new topic in a form of lecture and showing on practice by drawing/painting/analyzing visual material in Photoshop or using web camera and traditional tools (pencil, paper, paints, etc.). Students are just listening, asking some questions, taking notes. Sometimes students need to draw or to do exercises in real time.
  • I give a student his homework task and send my drawings and materials from the lesson.


  • I broadcast my workspace + refernece to a student and we work on a drawing / painting / 2d art together.
  • During the process I explain technique and answer student’s questions. 
  • Once in awhile I carefully check the student’s progress and give recommendations what to improve (visualy in Photoshop over his/her work’s photo).

To show the fundamentals of fine art I use different art samples both modern and classic ones. Like here: Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres painting chiaroscuro analysis and action lines in Witcher 3 artwork analysis.

My students also can contact me in text form to ask for some free short consultation on their current homework and artworks.

Leave all doubts, painting lessons (2d and traditional both) can be even better in the online format!

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