Fine arts is my passion from the early years of my life. I grew up in a family of artists with graduation in industrial design but working with monumental interior murals, paintings, and panels. My grandfather was a philosophy lecturer in the university, so in some case my educational passion and abilities are hereditary. I work in video games industry and traditional art but always wanted to share my knowledge with others. That’s why I started this project!

• National Technical University of Ukraine (2015 — 2017)
Master of Fine Arts, graphic artist [diploma]
• National Pedagogical Dragomanov University (2010 — 2015)
Bachelor of Fine Arts, art teacher [diploma]
• Kiev industrial college (2006 — 2010)
Junior Bachelor of Decorative Arts, ceramic artist [diploma]

Work history:
• 2014-present – Private pedagogical practice. Self-employed. Fine arts study: digital art, painting, drawing, history of arts, perspective, composition, and anatomy for artists.
• 2014-present – Freelance 2d artist. Game art, digital illustration, graphic design and other projects mainly in the gaming industry.
• 2015-2016 – 2d artist. Escapism Artworks. Game art, digital illustration.
• 2010 – Artist. National Nature Park “Pripyat-Stohid”. Artist in souvenirs production.
• 2005-2006 – Graphic designer. Galves School.

• National Pedagogical Dragomanov University Fine Arts Competition, 3rd place, 2010;
• Finalist of “Crystal Palette” Competition of young artists, 2014;
• Finalist of Ukrainian Fine Arts Competition of higher education students, 2014.

• Mobile art exhibition “Behind me …” dedicated to the 115th anniversary of Catherine Bilokur (National Union of Artists), White Church, Fastiv, Obukhiv, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Yagotyn, 2015;
• “Crystal Palette” Competition finalists exhibition, Hetmanship Museum, Kyiv, 2014;
• Art exhibition “Portrait. Transformation of image”, National Dragomanov University art gallery, Kyiv, 2014;
• Art exhibition “Legends of the ancient city”, art space “Ziferblat”, Kyiv, 2015;
• Art exhibition “Graphic arts”, art space “SKLO”, Kyiv, 2016;
• Art exhibition “Collage in sculpture”, art space “SKLO”, Kyiv, 2016;
• Art exhibition ” From the Earth  to the Sun” (National Union of Artists), art center “Vernissage”, Chernivtsi, 2017.

Academic publications:
• Article “The role of academic traditions in contemporary art”, conference proceedings of students and young researchers 2013-2014, Kyiv State Mykhailo Boychuk Institute of decorative arts and design;
• Article “Book design value at the present stage of printing development”, conference proceedings of students and young researchers 2014-2015, Kyiv State Mykhailo Boychuk Institute of decorative arts and design;
• Article “Stylistic features of art nouveau book design”, academic publications collection “Humanities structure”, №4, 2015, National Pedagogical Dragomanov University;
• Article “Features of animalistic images in children’s book illustration”, conference proceedings of VIII nationwide virtual research and development conference “Scientific opinion today and the future” 2017.

My artworks: